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Malta pool equipments , you can find all kinds of equipment related to pool maintenance and cleaning. Pools are places of entertainment and cooling for people of all age groups. You can see that the places in question are widely used, especially in summer. It is also very normal that such widely used spaces need cleaning and maintenance over time.
It is possible to choose the pools used as an enterprise intensively, but with regular maintenance. As a requirement of a conscious society, people want to prefer clean and well-maintained pools. In this context, it is very important to maintain the pool periodically so as not to cause customer loss. It is also necessary to use certain equipment for cleaning and maintenance. You can find out what the materials in question are by examining our titles below.

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Pool Brooms

With brooms used to clean around the pool, the dirty image around can be eliminated. Thanks to the absorbent property of the equipment in question, puddles around the pool are also eliminated.
By regular use of the pool broom, the pool is cleaned and accidents caused by sliding are prevented. Customers who see that the pool is always clean and tidy will always want to choose your business.

Pool Scoops

In the surface part of the pool, bad images such as leaves, garbage can occur over time. The image in question is usually caused by the influence of the wind. Under the influence of wind, substances such as leaves, flowers, pollen from trees can cover the surface of the pool over time. With a simple pool bucket to be provided, the bad image on the surface of the pool can be eliminated.

Pool Filter

Foreign objects that cannot be cleaned with the pool bucket are cleaned with the pool filter. All foreign objects in the pool will be installed in the pool filter located just in front of the pool pump. In this way, no foreign bodies will remain in the pool during the cycle.

Pool Pump

The equipment that provides constant rotation in pools is the pool pump. Pool water cleaned by passing through the filter is sent back to the pool with the help of a pump. In this way, clean water is constantly pumped into the pool. The quality of the pool pump means the establishment of a regular cycle system in the pool.

Pool Chemicals

Among Malta pool chemicals, you can also find chemicals that keep your pool clean and healthy on a regular basis. The pool does not always need to be drained for maintenance. It can also be maintained while the pool is full. Such care is also possible only with regular chemical application.
In order for chemical application in the pool to be performed in a healthy way, the measurement results of the pool water should be obtained first. According to the result to be obtained, it is decided which chemical should be used to what extent. Below are commonly used pool chemicals.
• Chlorine

  • PH lowering
  • Precipitator
  • Anti-algae
    • Shine
  • Foot disinfectant
    Chemical application to the pool is usually done at night. In this way, the chemicals applied to the pool are applied to the pool during the time period when no one uses the pool. You can also have healthy pools with regular chemical application.

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