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With Turkey pool chemicals, you can have an extremely clean and clear pool. Pools are among the frequently preferred venues of the summer months. People who are depressed by the heat first think about getting into the pool and cooling off. Naturally, the human population of these places is very high during the summer months. Pool chemicals to see our products https://dreampool.com.tr/pool-chemicals click here.

It is perfectly normal for pools used by so many people to be polluted too much and have harmful materials in them. It is possible to take precautions in this situation either by completely draining the water of the pool or by using chemicals in the pool. Naturally, businesses do not prefer to drain pool water for cleaning. Draining the pool water for maintenance is both a financial burden for the business and a waste of time.

Basic Maintenance Material


Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical in pools. Chlorine reacts with harmful bacteria in the pool, causing them to die. In this case, the pool becomes healthy and has the conditions that it should be.

Chlorine application to the pool is usually done in night conditions. The pool is mainly used in daytime conditions. Therefore, maintenance at night ensures that the pool is ready for daylight hours. It also has an intense odor of chlorine. For this reason, applying chlorine at times when the pool is not used is a more accurate choice for people not to be bothered by the smell.

PH reducers

In order to determine which chemical is applied to the pool to what extent, it is necessary to first measure it with measurement kits in the pool. By analyzing the measurement results, it is determined which product should be applied in chemical application.

After the measurement result of the pool, the PH value that exists in the pool will also appear. According to the obtained PH data, a pH lowering supplement should be made in the pool. Depending on the frequency of use of the pool, the PH level rises over time. The rising value should be reduced with PH reducers. The PH value of the pool will be reduced between 7.2-7.6 with the chemical supplement in question.

For Invisible Pests: Precipitators

It is a fact that there are harmful substances in the pool that are not visible to the eye. When most people enter the pool, they see that there are very small particles in the pool. Because the harmful substances in question are very light, they hang in the water. For this reason, those who enter the pool are likely to swallow or suffer from these harmful substances.

Turkey pool chemicals are sold among the task of precipitators suspended in the air by weighing the particles to the bottom to make it collapse. Harmful substances that collapse to the bottom can be thrown out of the pool by the reverse sweep method, creating lumps.

The Enemy Of Algae: Algae Inhibitors

One of the effective products among Turkey pool chemicals is algae inhibitors. By applying anti-algae to the pool, greenery in the pool is prevented. It should be noted here that the chemical in question does not destroy the algae that exist in the pool. For this reason, the chemical should be applied to the pool before the formation of algae in the pool. After application, algae formation in the pool is prevented.

Foot Disinfectants

Pools are places suitable for mushroom formation, as they are common areas. For this reason, it is necessary for users to take a shower before entering the pool. In addition, fungus formation can be completely prevented with foot disinfectant pools that will be installed just before entering the pool. The use of foot disinfectant in the pool is one of the chemicals mandated by the Ministry of Health.

For A Clear Pool: Polishers

In order for the pool to attract customers, it must first have a clean and clear image. Turkey pool chemicals with polishers located between the pool has an extremely clear appearance. In this way, you will have a clean-looking pool and you can impress your customers

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