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Bulgaria Pool Equipments , in order for the pool to remain clean and healthy, all the materials you need in the fountain pool equipments must be provided in full. With the products you will buy, you can perform cleaning and maintenance of the pool in a short time.
Pools are entertainment venues that increase their popularity a little more every day. People in every age group, from big to small, like to spend time in the pool. However, the human population of the pool is also quite dense.
Pools that are used by such an intense person are naturally places that need to be maintained regularly. In the name of people’s health and not losing customers, pools should always be kept clean and well-maintained. In this context, some materials are needed for the pool. Although the pool materials used are different depending on the type, size and type of pool, the pool materials used in general are as follows.

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Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals manufacturer company name is Sinada. Depending on the frequency of use in pool water, over time there may be the formation and reproduction of pests that are not visible to the eye. Fighting harmful creatures is also possible only by using pool chemicals.
The first thing that needs to be done before chemical application is to analyze the water in the pool. Analysis is done with pool measurement kits. As a result of the measurement, chlorine and PH levels in the pool are determined. By evaluating the results of the analysis, the ratio of chlorine and PH lowering to be applied to the pool is determined.
In addition, precipitators can be used to fight particles flying in the pool water, and algae inhibitors can be used to fight algae. In addition, polisher can be applied to make the pool water look clear at all times. With the pool chemicals you will use, you can make the pool a healthy environment in a short time.

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Pool Scoop

On the surface of the pool, foreign bodies such as tree leaves or pollen may appear under the influence of the wind. This is a negative image for users using the pool. For this reason, the situation should be eliminated quickly. The most ideal pool material to be used for this is the pool bucket.

Pool Broom

The most practical material to be used for cleaning the environment in which the pool is located is the pool broom. With the material in question, the pool can be cleaned and polished in a practical way. In addition, by taking advantage of the absorbent property of the material in question, the puddles around the pool can be eliminated.

Pool Filters

Pool filters, Pool water should always be filtered. In a pool used by so many people, it is very normal to have foreign bodies such as insects and flies in the water. It is possible to clean such impurities roughly with a scoop. Substances that cannot be cleaned with a bucket must be removed from the pool water with the help of a filter. Fountain pool materials with the pool filter you can find in a healthy way to filter the pool water.

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps products. Cleaned pool water should be sent back to the pool. This is only possible with a quality and durable pool pump.

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