About Us

About Us

Dreampool, since 2018 “Republic of Turkey has approved the Ministry of Health” with having the title of the modern in the pool industry, current and implementing innovative developments by tracking the goods and services in-house pool chemicals is Mark.
It is the brand of Sinada Kimya, a manufacturer of pool chemicals. In 2018, T.C. Approval has been obtained from the Ministry of Health. Swimming pool in Turkey industry has adapted quickly and successfully. With its unique quality, it has increased and accelerated the quality of goods and services of the companies in the sector. In a short time, the pool chemicals became the center of attention and received great demand from the relevant people.

Customer happiness
Reasonable price
Attaching importance to quality
Environment friendly
Producing added value

Ministry Approved Pool Chemicals


Is it just the best? "You will either do your best or not at all."


To create world-famous pool brands that make happy holidays with healthy pool water.

Our Values

We are passionate about following technology and integrating it into our products in the most successful way. We are strongly committed to the values ​​of the republic and democracy, we are modern. With our export capacity, we are assertive in providing added value to this paradise homeland, the economy of our great state, and to leave a positive impression on buyers and consumers. We are reliable in corporate, transparent, understanding management and financial sustainability in the eyes of our valuable people who prefer Sinada Kimya.

Turkey’s new, high quality and modern Brand DREAMPOOL Pool


Although DREAMPOOL is a new brand in the pool chemical industry, by gathering all the Likes, Attention and Appreciation, it BECAME THE FOCUS OF INTEREST.

DREAMPOOL brand of pool chemicals, pool sector participated in 2019, although in many cities in Turkey intense than expected supply and demand with pool users in a short time was able to satisfy

As the Pool-market Community, we have offered the products of the Dreampool Pool Chemical brand and other pool materials for sale at the most affordable price, with shipping and easy payment methods.

DREAMPOOL Pool Chemicals and Materials Prices and Features

Virtual Pool cheapest and best quality in the sector, despite being the Dreampool new brand of pool chemicals in Turkey Pool-market focus of attention in our store, we are satmakd happiness.

Swimming and ornamental pools used to be considered a luxury, but now it feels as if it has made people feel the necessity and has started to be preferred much more.

In swimming and ornamental pools, we need to value first the health and then the appearance. Pool water should not cause epidemics, that is, it should be cleared of bacteria. Also, the appearance of the water should be clear and clean. In short, pool water should be of drinking water quality.

At this point, the Ministry of Health Approved SİNADAPOOL and DREAMPOOL pool chemical brands enter the circuit.

In order to ensure these conditions, pool chlorine, pH lowering, pool acid, algae inhibitor, polisher and precipitator products should be applied consciously on a continuous and regular basis. CINADA and DREAM liquid chlorine, powder chlorine, granular chlorine, tablet chlorine and multi tablet chlorine products used for disinfection of swimming and ornamental pool water are very beneficial for health in your pool.

It is very important to use regular chlorination (liquid, powder, granule, tablet) and anti-algae (SİNADA & DREAM ALGİSİD) against algae formation in swimming and ornamental pools for a healthy and clean pool.

The very fine particles that cannot be stored in the Pool Sand Filters accumulate in the pool water over time and cause the pool to lose its cleanliness and cause unseen (in the form of flying particles) around the pool lamps in the evening.

With the use of flocculant (pool shine) chemical, these small particles are connected in the form of large-volume pellets, can be transferred out of the pool side weir screen channels and made to be kept in the filter.


It is the brand of Sinada Kimya, a manufacturer of pool chemicals. In 2018, T.C. Approval has been obtained from the Ministry of Health.

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