Pool Chemicals

By using regular pool chemicals , you can have clean pools that tap into everyone who uses the pool. Pools are among the commonly used venues of the summer months. In addition to cooling off with a few hours of pool enjoyment, people who are overwhelmed by the heat also have a fun time.

In order to clean the pool, the pool water does not necessarily need to be changed. Replacing pool water creates a certain cost for the operation, as well as a waste of time. The pool will not be able to operate naturally in the process when it is empty. For this reason, it is preferred to regularly apply pool chemicals to keep the pool clean and well maintained.

E the extent of the products sold on our site and how they will be used are indicated in the instructions. In addition, measurement values must be obtained with pool measurement kits to determine the extent to which some chemicals can be used. The results obtained are evaluated and the appropriate chemical is applied to the pool.

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The first of the pool chemicals known and widely used by everyone is chlorine. With regular chlorine application, the pool can be cleaned of harmful substances. Chlorine has the ability to react with harmful bacteria and microbes in the pool. The harmful substances in question disappear as a result of the reaction. It would make more sense to apply chlorine at a time when the pool is not in use.

Application of PH Reducer

One of the chemicals commonly used in pools is PH reducers. Before the chemical in question is applied to the pool, measurements must be made with the pool measurement kit. The ideal pH range in pools is between 7.2 and 7.6. As the pool is used, the PH rate increases. In order for the pool to be used in a healthy way, the PH ratio must remain in the ideal range.

Task Of Precipitators

Among pool chemicals, one of the products sold for pool cleaning is precipitators. When you enter a pool that is not regularly maintained, the presence of particles hanging in the water attracts your attention. I don’t think anyone is uncomfortable with the particles in question.

Reaction with particles occurs with regular application of precipitators to the pool. At the end of the reaction, the particles become heavy and collapse to the bottom. Harmful substances that collapse to the bottom create lumps and allow easy disposal from the pool. Pool cleaning materials can be used for removal.

Anti-Algae Supplement

Among pool chemicals, one of the substances that should be regularly supplemented in the pool is algae inhibitors. Algae inhibitors prevent the formation of algae, which from time to time reach nauseating sizes in the pool. The task of the chemical in question is to prevent the formation of algae. The chemical in question is not used to destroy algae that have already formed in the pool.

Application Of Foot Disinfectant

Foot disinfectant is one of the measures taken against fungus in pools. The most common risk of disease in pools is against the fungus. Pools are sensitive to fungus, as they are places where people are constantly present. For this reason, the use of foot disinfectant pools is also a legal requirement.

The chemical in question is applied to the disinfectant pool immediately before the pool. In this way, the formation of fungi on the feet of citizens using the pool is also prevented.

Clear Pools With Polishers

The clear and clean appearance of the pool is very important for both users and businesses. No one wants to use the pool when they are unhappy with its appearance. Clarity can be maintained with regular polisher application to the pool. The chemical in question is usually applied when the pool is empty. A live view of the pool can be provided by applying polisher to the floor and Wall parts of the pool.

Pool chemicals are substances that are regularly used without draining Pool Water. By using these substances regularly, you can have extremely clean and Healthy Pools. These substances can be preferred in pools used as a business or can be used in personal pools. You can follow the instructions for use that come with the product on how and how to use the chemicals.

It is the brand of Sinada Kimya, a manufacturer of pool chemicals. In 2018, T.C. Approval has been obtained from the Ministry of Health.

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