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KKTC pool chemicals are products that provide a healthy use of the pool and have the necessary effect on keeping it clean. With these products, you protect the pool from the impact of harmful substances. In this way, people who use the pool can minimize the risk of developing the disease.

Kıbrıs Pools can be used as a business, as well as personal, detached houses can be built in the gardens are spaces. The pool does not always need to be emptied to clean the places in question. The aim of the production of pool chemicals is to ensure that the pool is cleaned without emptying.

How and how to use Kıbrıs pool chemicals is also one of the issues that need to be focused on. As the name suggests, these products are chemical compounds. For this reason, the probability of harmful effects to health as a result of improper use is very high. For this reason, the use of chemicals by competent people is a consideration that should be focused on. And our are differents products https://dreampool.com.tr/en/turkey-pool-chemicals/ click here

PH reducers

At the beginning of the basic chemicals used in the pool, we can consider PH reducers. In order not to have harmful effects on human health in the pool, the PH level must be in the appropriate range. In order for the effect of other chemicals to be at the desired level, the PH level of the pool must be in the appropriate range.

The appropriate pH range of the pool is between 7.2-7.6. Unfavorable conditions occur for the pool at values outside that range.

Application Of Chlorine To Pool

One of the products sold among KKTC pool chemicals is chlorine. Chlorine, sold as a Tablet, powder or liquid, reacts with microbes, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the pool to destroy them. Chlorine is the most important chemical that must be applied for healthy use of the pool.

As with any pool chemical, chlorine should be applied especially at night hours. Logically, it is a much more logical style of state that the time period when the pool is not actively used is preferred for chemical application.

Anti-Algae Supplement

By adding anti-algae to the pool, greenery that may occur in the pool over time can be prevented. Algal formation in question creates a perception that the pool is not hygienic for those who use the pool. It is also worth noting that users are right from this point of view.

Algae formation can be prevented with the application of anti-algae to be applied regularly in the pool. It is worth noting that the chemical in question does not destroy algae that form in the pool, it prevents the formation of algae in the pool.


Some harmful substances in the pool are too small to be seen by the eye. Because the harmful particles in question are very light, they hang in the water. The weight of these harmful substances suspended in the water should be increased and deposited at the bottom of the pool. With the application of a precipitator, harmful substances that collapse to the bottom of the pool can be thrown out by creating lumps. In this way, even invisible pests are cleaned from the pool.


In order to eliminate particles on the surface of the pool, it is necessary to apply polisher to the pool regularly. The chemical in question cleanses microbes on the surface, as well as supports the pool to have a clear appearance.

Cleaning is at the beginning of the features that users who use the pool are looking for in the pool. Pool, people’s interest means more revenue for the business. The role of polishers is also great in achieving this goal.

Foot Disinfectant

Common diseases in the pool are infinitive and similar skin disorders. KKTC pool chemicals can be prevented with foot disinfectant.

Foot disinfectant is also one of the mandatory substances to be used in accordance with the principles of legislation that should be applied in pools. Foot disinfectants are a chemical that should be applied to foot disinfectant pools found in all pools.

You can have an extremely clean and healthy pool by using all pool chemicals regularly, at the rate of need. With the chemicals in question, both your business’s revenue will increase, and people will use the pool safely.

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