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If you want the pool to remain a clean and healthy environment at all times, you should choose İtaly pool equipments .
With the products you will buy from our website, you can maintain the pool in a short time and practically. The effect of the products you buy in the pool will please you very much.
Pools are among the environments that occupy a place in our lives from day to day and are often in demand by people. The care of the pools that so many people use is also a situation that needs to be cared for sensitively. The more sensitive the operation is in pool maintenance, the more intensive the customers will prefer the pool. It should be noted that the customer always prefers clean and decent environments. In this context, we can consider the preferred pool equipment as follows.

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Pool Scoop

The material used for the disposal of foreign bodies on the surface of the pool water outside the pool is the pool bucket. The pool surface can be cleaned in a practical way with the material in question. With the mentioned material, you can make it much more functional by using the extension apparatus.

Pool Broom

The material used for cleaning the environment of the pool is the pool broom. With this material, the environment of the pool can be cleaned in a short time and the surrounding puddles can be eliminated. At the same time, precautions are taken against the risk of falling in the pool with this material.

Pool Grid

At the beginning of the measures to be taken against the risk of people falling and falling around the pool, the pool is surrounded by a grid. In this context, you can ensure healthy use for a long time with a quality grid system that you will buy.

Pool filter and pump

Pool water needs to be filtered systematically. The filtered water must be sent to the pool by the cycle system. Foreign objects that cannot be thrown out of the pool with the pool bucket are cleaned using the pool filter and thrown out of the pool.
Pool water that comes to the pool pump cleaned is sent back to the pool with the help of the pump. In this way, the water sent to the pool is always clean water. Keeping the water of the pool clean at all times will satisfy your customers and provide a healthy use.

Pool Chemicals

During the time period when the pool water is completely full, maintenance of the pool must also be performed. As a result of the maintenance, the pool water becomes suitable for healthy use.
Since it is not always possible to empty the pools for maintenance, products have been developed to maintain them when they are full. In general, we can diversify the types of chemicals developed in this context and which you can find among Italy pool materials as follows.

  • Precipitator
  • PH lowering
  • Foot disinfectant
    • Shine
  • Anti-algae
    It makes much more sense to apply chemicals to the pool at night. In this way, the chemical is applied to the water during the time period when there are no customers. In this way, the pool is reused in the morning hours. With chemical application, your customers always use the pool in a healthy way.

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