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Iran pool equipments manufacturer my company. Are always with you when your pool needs cleaning and maintenance. The materials in question are a requirement for public pools that are used both personally and as businesses.
Especially public pools used as businesses are high in human density. Hundreds of people take advantage of the pools every day during the summer months. It is obvious that such an intensively used environment will also need cleaning and maintenance in a short time.
In order for the pool to operate both clean and well-maintained, all pool materials must be provided in full. Below you can find what are the commonly used pool materials.

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Pool Scoop

Substances on the surface of the pool water can be easily cleaned with simple pool scoops. In this way, coarse debris on the surface of the pool can be removed from the pool in a short time. Another advantage provided by the pool bucket is to prevent coarse debris from entering the pool filter. In this way, the load on the filter is also reduced. The material in question can also be used to collect customers ‘ materials that fall into the pool.

Pool Broom

A practical broom is needed to clean around the pool. The pool can be cleaned in a short time with the pool broom. By taking advantage of the absorbent property of the material in question, the puddles around the pool can be eliminated. The risk of accidents that may occur in the pool with this material can also be reduced as much as possible.

Pool Griting

My company is pool grating manufacturer. it is necessary to prevent the formation of puddles outdoors by overflowing the pool water. This is only possible with a quality pool grid system. By covering all four corners of the pool with a grid, the water overflowing from the pool prevents pollution or lake formation. The equipment in question is also an effective material for reducing the likelihood of accidents in the pool.

Pool Filter

Impurities in the pool must be quickly removed from the pool. One of the materials used for this process is the pool bucket and the other is the pool filter. Materials that cannot be taken with a bucket are filtered by the pool filter and thrown out of the pool. For this reason, a strong filtration system should be installed in the pool.

Pool Pump

The cycle of pool water is provided by a permanent pool pump. Iran pool materials can be found between the pool pump can provide a smooth cycle. Water passing through a powerful filter is delivered to the pump and sent back to the pool. In this way, the water reaching the pool is always drained, clean water becomes.

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are my company manufacturer. It is only possible to get healthy while the pool is full with regular chemical application. Chemicals periodically applied to the pool prevent the formation of water-borne diseases.
Commonly used chemical varieties in the pool include.
• Chlorine

  • PH reducers
  • Algae inhibitors
  • Precipitators
  • Foot disinfectants
  • Polishers
    You can easily buy the above chemicals by examining Iran pool materials. The products you purchased will be sent to your address in a short time. In this way, you can have clean and well-maintained pools.

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