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GREECE pool equipments contain the cleaning and maintenance materials necessary for your pool. You can also easily buy pool material by examining the products on our site. With the quality and practical materials that you will get, you can see that cleaning and maintenance of the pool is not a laborious task after that.
Pools must always be kept clean and well maintained. Pool maintenance is also important, especially since the human population is too large in pools operated as a business. Since the places in question are a revenue gate in the business, being clean and well maintained will also lead to an increase in customer potential. Commonly used pool materials are listed below.

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Pool Scoop

At the beginning of the basic materials that are used to keep the pool clean regularly and should be present in each pool, the pool bucket comes. With this material, coarse dirt and garbage on the surface of the pool can be cleaned and the pool can have a clean appearance. In addition, the material can be extended to reach all parts of the pool.

Pool Filter

Debris that cannot be cleaned with a pool bucket will naturally go to the pool filter. Substances such as garbage filtered in the filter can be cleaned and thrown out of the pool. The cleaned water is sent to the pool pump.

Pool Pump

Pool water must be constantly knocked over. It is also necessary that the water that is knocked down is always clean water. Pool water passing through the pool filter reaches the pump and is sent back to the pool with the help of the pump. In this way, clean water always enters the pool.

Pool Grid

My company is pool grating manufacturer. In order to avoid accidents such as sliding, falling at the edge of the pool, the grid must be laid. The grid also prevents puddles caused by overflows at the edge of the pool.

Pool Broom

In the outside of the pool, there may be a puddle or wetness when people come and go. The situation in question both exhibits a bad image and leads to the risk of people falling and falling. For this reason, the situation should be resolved quickly. Pool sweeper will provide easy and practical cleaning with its cleaning and suction feature.

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals this is manufacturer company. It is possible that the pool is always well maintained, but with regular chemical application. Among Greece pool materials, you can find all the chemical types you need. By regularly applying these chemicals to the pool, you also prevent the formation of germs and bacteria in the pool. Generally used chemical varieties are as follows.
• Chlorine

  • Precipitator
  • Anti-Algae
  • PH reducers
    • Shine
  • Foot Disinfectant
    The extent to which the above chemicals should be used is decided only as a result of measuring the pool values using measurement kits. As a result of the analysis evaluation, the chemical recipe should be determined. You can buy GREECE pool materials retail or wholesale. Just contact us for this. The products you buy will be sent to your address in a short time and you will get well-maintained, healthy pools.

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