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Turkey pool equipments , you can provide all kinds of cleaning and maintenance materials needed for your pool. The products you will receive will be delivered to your address in a short time. After providing the products, you can start using them immediately and perform the cleaning and maintenance that your pool needs.
The number of pools is increasing every day. This, in turn, has led to the fact that pool maintenance and cleaning materials have also become an industry. Considering that the number of companies selling pool materials is increasing every day, the quality of the companies comes to the fore. In this context, you can provide all kinds of pool requirements by choosing our company, which targets 100% customer satisfaction in all products it sells.

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Pool Griting

Pool Grating in pool management, it is very important that water does not overflow from the pool. But it is a fact that as the pool is used, the water floods out. In order to take precautions against overflowing water, the pool must be surrounded by a grid. In this way, the overflowing water from the pool passes through the grid and is sent to the pool canal. In this way, the necessary measures will be taken against the risk of sliding and falling in the pool.

Pool Scoop

Pool Scoop it is necessary to use a pool bucket for the purpose of removing foreign objects that somehow occupy space on the surface of the pool. The pool bucket allows you to easily perform this function. With the material in question, you can reach each point of the pool and throw out the materials that fell into the pool or came from outside through the wind.

Pool Broom

A quality pool broom is needed to clean around the pool. The tiles and marble parts of the pool can be cleaned in a practical way with the material in question. In addition, water deposits can also be eliminated by taking advantage of the absorbent property of the material in question.

Pool Cleaning Robot

Pool Cheaning Robots , Cleaning the pool can take a lot of time, especially for large pools. In this case, technological equipment is needed that practically makes the cleaning of the pool. With the pool cleaning robot you will provide, you can perform the cleaning of the pool in a short time.

Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemicals the pool cannot always be emptied for maintenance. Changing the water by draining in every maintenance is both a waste of time and a financial burden. For this reason, it should also be maintained while the pool is full. Pool chemicals are also among the products developed in this context.
Turkey pool materials with the chemicals you will supply in a short time and easy way to maintain the pool. Pool Chemical types commonly used in the pool can be considered as follows.
• Chlorine

  • Precipitator
  • Anti-algae
  • PH lowering
  • Foot disinfectant
    • Shine
    The above chemicals will meet all kinds of needs to make the pool healthy. In this context, first of all, you need to decide which chemical should be used to the extent of e. This, in turn, is determined only by measuring with pool measurement kits. Chemical application is decided by evaluating the result of the analysis.

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