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With Baku pool equipments , you can always keep your pool in clean and healthy conditions. You can provide all the equipment you need for the pool by reviewing our website. The products purchased will be delivered to your address in a short time.

Pools are among the public places that are growing more and more every day, located in every province and district center. In this context, the maintenance of these places is also needed. All pool materials must be provided in full for complete maintenance. Below are the most commonly used pool materials in this context. By providing all the materials in full, you can always keep the pool active in a clean, tidy and healthy environment.

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Pool Broom

One of the essential materials for the pool is the pool broom. Negatives such as contamination or puddles can be observed around the pool due to the use of people. The most practical material used to eliminate the negativity is the pool broom. Cleaning of the pool can be completed in a short time with this material. In addition, by preventing lake formation in the space, the risk of sliding that may occur is also reduced as much as possible.

Pool Scoop

Over time, foreign bodies can be seen on the surface of the pool water with the effect of the wind. At the beginning of the foreign bodies in question, tree leaves, flowers or materials from some class of garbage can be counted. With the help of a pool bucket, negatives on the surface of the pool water can be immediately eliminated. Since the equipment in question can also be used by installing an extension apparatus, it can be easily reached to each point of the pool.

Pool Filter

Foreign objects that cannot be cleaned with a bucket in the pool water should be thrown out with the help of a filter. For this, a strong filtration system is needed in the pool. Pool water is filtered through the filter and delivered to the pump. For precise cleaning of pool water, it is necessary to provide a quality pool filter.

Pool Pump

It is necessary to constantly cycle the pool water. In this context, the water passing through the filter must be transmitted to the pool pump and sent back to the pool. You can ensure a healthy use with pool pumps that you will provide from Baku pool materials.

Pool Grid

Pool Grating in order for there to be no negatives such as sliding or falling in the pool area, it must be surrounded by a grid. In this way, the overflowing water from the pool is evacuated from the pool canal with the help of the pool grid without creating any deposits around it. Many years of safe use can be achieved with the pool grids to be provided.

Pool Chemicals

It is very important that the pool remains healthy at all times. In these places, where the human population is very dense, the health of people has to be considered. In this context, the pool should always be operated clean and healthy. For this purpose, regular use of chemicals comes to the fore. Regularly used chemicals and maintenance of the pool will be done in a short time. In order for the pool to be used clean and well-maintained, it is necessary to determine which chemical should be used.

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